A week to remember

I attended Gitamritam camp during the first week of my semester holidays. I had interacted with many who have attended the camp before and it’s the enthusiasm that I saw in them, pushed me to try this camp. Vipin sir had asked me to attend the camp last time, but I got busy and it took me in another way. And after one year of long gap, I got selected for the camp again. I didn’t have many expectations, but I was sure that I will be having fun.

The campus is only about an hour journey from my home. It was my first time visiting Coimbatore campus and it was so vast and scenic. I absolutely enjoyed the location of the place, which was just beside the foothills of western ghats.

We had Yogasana session up on the terrace throughout the camp. The breeze of cold air with the soothing scenery of bright sunlight falling onto the mountains through the clouds makes you feel rejuvenated.

We had quite a tough schedule starting from 04:45 in the morning till 22:30. The breaks during the days were fixed. The class hours were perfectly arranged so we didn’t feel bored. To be frank, we didn’t waste even a minute during the camp. We kept ourselves away from mobile phones which gave us plenty of time to interact and enjoy the bits and pieces of the camp. I really enjoyed the workshops and other sessions which made us interact and have fun.

We learned the second chapter of Gita. I think my perspective got changed a lot for good. I could learn so many values and qualities that one should possess and to see life from a totally different perspective. I actually contemplated upon every sloka and every event that happened in the camp, with our own life.

Many personalities shared their experiences, dreams, and passion every day which became one of the highlights of the camp. I was able to learn many things from each and every one of them. Actually, we can grow a lot from others experience.

The camp was not about few people teaching us Gita, but we were ourselves learning and understanding Gita from the mistakes, experiences, and facts that were presented to us. I have lots of things to write but I can’t. Whoever is reading this should not miss the experience of experiencing the camp 🙂


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