Dreams are to be chased

Smile blooms on my face when I look back at my childhood days. The time, when enjoyment was the most priority thing in life, flew away. The sweet and sour moments that I enjoyed with friends, won’t wash out of my memory.

I used to say that my ambition (No. 1) was to become a doctor when I was 10yr old. I didn’t have a clear idea of what to become when I grow up. I must have had interest towards many things, but I was unable to spot one. Indeed life is a journey, which will take you where you are intended to go. In my case faith just took me and now I am here at Amrita University studying CS (which I don’t regret :P).

My dad love pets, so I had the opportunity to grow myself older with pets. We have lots of hens and I used to feed them daily. Time just passes by at home. We also had many aquarium fishes, parrots, ducks, and pigeons. We didn’t have much income out of it, but we were happy taking care of it. I used to have a small piece to land to grow veggies, on very monsoon. So like many children’s dream, I also had the dream (No. 2) of owning a farm. At least this was one job that I was familiar with those days. I would stop by if I come across any TV program related to farming and also it was very much interesting for me.

It was when I was in high school that I started experimenting with cooking. Although I started small, I was good at it. I came across few basics dishes to survive but couldn’t make much progress. I had thought (No. 3) of starting a hotel as a business, with myself as a chef and few workers hired.

Watching Discovery Channel was one of the biggest time passes. Being more specific, I was watching mostly the show ‘Man vs Wild’. Bear Grylls the survival expert created a tiny (No. 4) adventurist in me, to go “into the wild”. I always wanted to get into a remote island or forest and live with nature. I was getting more and more into nature where I felt more comfortable.

When I got into senior secondary schooling, I got shifted to a new class. Subjects were not at all interesting and whole life seemed inactive. Of which only one subject caught my interest, it was C++ programming. I was pretty good at it and also scored decent marks. With that, I decided (No. 5) to be a CS engineer. I got into FOSS@Amrita community and got exposed to various fields.

Amritapuri in Kollam, where I am studying, is like heaven to me. I was bound to the fences at my native home whereas, in Amritapuri I am able to rejoice the freedom. I started (No. 6) traveling and found it interesting. My mentor used to say that “One should gain enough experiences before the age of 30. For that, he/she should travel making enough mistakes”.



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