Evening at Oachira temple

Today, I along with Krishnan, Adithya, and my roommate Devendra went to Oachira festival. And the time I spend over there was real fun. Oachira temple is situated in Kollam district in Kerala. The temple is dedicated mainly to Para Brahma (Supreme consciousness) and Lord Shiva.

dsc_000001-1  dsc_0777

I talked to a person who was there. He is a fisherman by livelihood and I could see that he was really happy to stay near the temple. They live in small huts covered with roofing sheets during this festival. They cook, stay with the family near the temple, and return back after 12 festival days. There was no infrastructure for the temple as such. The idols are kept under the banyan tree and the place was filled with lamps which gave extreme beauty for the place. We could hear the ‘chenda’ and ‘nadaswaram’ (musical instrument) being played nearby. Although it was little crowded, I could feel positive energy as soon as we reached over there and the ordinary smell of the burning lamps was so comforting.

dsc_000008 dsc_0774

There were stalls selling bajjis, snacks, books, toys and many other things. We had few bajjis, ice-cream, and snacks and roamed around to see everything. I had always enjoyed the nightlife where ever I had been to. And this night will be always on my list of memories. I had hot roasted peanuts in my hands while waiting for the bus, in the drizzling weather. It was a good evening to visit the temple, to wander around and interacting with random people.


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