#trip Kochi

I went on a two day trip to the west-coast of India, the queen of Arabian sea – Kochi. I was very much excited on the trip and I wanted to the trip to be delightful. I searched for the awesome places in Ernakulam, and also hotels to try new varieties of food.  I slept friday night at Shiva ettan’s house and left in the morning heading Hill Palace.  I had to take two buses to reach the palace. The palace have been maintained extraordinary and had sufficient number of workers. There wasn’t much rush when I arrived, but slowly I was able see more and more people coming to visit the palace. I would say, this one of the best place to visit in Ernakulam. I spend about 2 hrs to see the place, and I climbed into a bus to “Menaka” bus stand from there. It took about 30 min to reach there through the busy traffic. The bus left me in front of “Penta Menaka”, the place where you only see shops selling mobile phones and accessories. I couldn’t find good veg restaurant anywhere for having lunch.  I roamed around there for 10 minutes and decided to head for Fort Kochi. I took a public transport boat which costed only 4 rupees. I was amazed to know that boat was pretty much cheaper. The boat journey was one of the best part in the whole journey. The atmosphere was calm, quite and the only thing that I can hear was the sound of boat and people whispering. I didn’t knew where to go after reaching Fort Kochi. After searching google maps, I headed to Mahatma Gandhi beach, which seemed only far distant to walk. The beach wasn’t clean at all, the shore was filled with crap things. I could see the Chinese fishing nets and the place was filled with people selling fishes and crabs. Among the crabs there were few beautiful looking crabs. I wished I could save them from being eaten. The Dutch colony street is one of the sweetest place. There were only a few in the streets and it had old buildings and few shops which sold antiques and some stuffs. I could see all ranges of restaurant, the really expensive, the expensive, the middle range and the normal ones also. I got into an average one and had biriyani. I also had a lemon tea which tasted excellent. I took some cash from  nearby ATM and took an auto rickshaw to Mattancherry Palace.


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