Meetup with Preethi Srinivasan

Preethi Srinivasan was the captain of Tamil Nadu women’s cricket team and a great swimmer. A few along with me got a precious chance to meet and talk to her, as she had come to take Amma’s Dharsan at Amritapuri, Kollam. She shared her views and experience in her life.

IMG-20160524-WA0006 IMG-20160524-WA0003

Myself along with Rahul ettan, Guptha, Bithin ettan, Srijan, Sreelakshmi chechi with Preethi Srinivasan and her mom.

She was born up as a teenager who had never tasted failure in life. She had interest in cricket and had represented Tamil Nadu and was a championship swimmer. At the age of 18, she encountered an accident which left her paralyzed below her neck. She was physically emotionally and mentally affected and it changed her way of life. The accident physically left her in wheelchair but she wasn’t ready to accept the fate. She started an organisation called Soulfree to provide hope for the disabled.

She considered this as a gift from God, to face failures in her life. She pointed the need of development in India’s emergency health care system. She did not get an ambulance on time and also she there was not properly taken to hospital as none knew how to handle spinal chord injuries. She wanted the basics of handling a person in an accident, to be taught from the school itself.

We do take things for granted. Sometimes we don’t give much importance for our health and relations, but we will understand the value if its taken away from us. We usually fall when we are faced with problems in life. We should develop the courage to face the challenges and problems in our life and move forward.

You can read more about her over here


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