Google Summer of Code’16

Capture d'écran 2016-03-01 09.48.11

Google Summer of Code is an annual program that focus on bringing students to the world of Open Source development . Students are exposed to software development and get a chance to get stipend during the summer break.

I got interested in Open Source development when I joined FOSS@Amrita – community in Amrita University where students get exposure to Open Source development other than the usual academics.

I have been a regular member of the FOSS club from my first semester itself. I was introduced to MediaWiki through the club. I started my contribution to MediaWiki through small bug fixes. I got know about the GSoC’16 internship from my seniors and decided to apply for it.

I took ‘Extension for page creating/editing notification’ as my project. I had the feeling that I will be able to do the project although it’s a long project. I was able to complete a micro-task associated with the project which boosted up my confidence level.

I was eagerly waiting for the results to be published. At sharp 12:30am, I received the mail from Google Summer of Code team saying that my proposal got selected. It was a moment of dream come true for me. I thank FOSS club for providing the help and support for me.

First few weeks of the internship goes through community bonding period where the students are supposed to become familiar with the community, participate in the mailing list/IRC, meet up with mentors etc. I worked on developing an extension that notifies the user when he/she visit a particular special page. I got familiarized with the basics of Echo extension and got to know about hooks which would help me in the project.

I had a Skype call with Yaron through which I got to know him. I have often contacted through hangouts to discuss about the project. I am also working on another extension which produce notification on page edits to know more about hooks and Echo extension.



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