My first step to the world of books

This post is about my first step to the world of books. I have heard people saying that books take us to a new world, where we can enjoy ourselves. And now I realize that its true.  I was actually not interested in reading books before I had joined college. One of my seniors Haritha chechi, in the FOSS club suggested me to start reading. She reads a lot and at times I was amazed to see her interest towards the reading.  She lend me a novel which she had recently bought, it was named “Then there were none”. The moment I started the reading the book, it developed a huge interest in me and I was very curious to know the  whole story. I realized that ‘reading’ is one of the key skill to be developed and decided to continue reading.


I thought of writing summary of the novel so that you could take a quick look at it if you are interested.

“Then there were none” is a crime fictional novel by Agatha Christie which is widely considered as her masterpiece. The novel starts of by giving the background of the main characters in the novel. Eight people from different places are invited to Soldier Island for different reasons such as employment, holiday during summer etc. They are invited by Mr & Mrs Owens but the couple weren’t home when they  all arrived. Mr & Mrs Rogers, the housekeeper and cook of the house welcomed all and lead them into their rooms. There was rhyme on the bedrooms of all the guests. The poem said about the ten little soldiers and the incidents of their death. The ten soldiers are murdered one by one and the last one hangs itself to death.

They didn’t expect the sudden unnatural death of Anthony as he chocked down to death while having Whiskey after the dinner. The following morning Mrs.Rogers was found dead in her bed. One by one started being murdered by someone. They searched all over the island but they weren’t able to find anyone hiding. They were late to realize that the “murderer” was one of the ten people on the island who is a lunatic and gets happiness by killing others. They decided to stay together so that all could see each other. But through very small loop holes the murderer did his job.


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