My First trip-Part 2

I went to Napier museum, the art and natural history museum. The museum was established in 1855 and it  was named after Lord Napier, the Governor of Madras from 1866-1872.

Ticket should be bought in order to enter museum but the counter was closed. One kind police man who stood near the entrance of museum let me in without the ticket and told to leave fast.  Museum showcased archaeological artifacts and idols of god and goddesses of different period of time. I was not much interested in the artifacts but it was nice to see the great works of extremely skilled artisans.


I took a quick glance of the idols and left the museum as it was to be closed. I headed to see the aquarium. There were different varieties of fishes and the fish tanks were arranged beautifully. I took few photographs and took tickets for the zoo.


It is one of the oldest zoo in India. I  walked through the tarred road, on the way I could see different animals and birds. There were varieties of birds like swans, owl, cranes, macaws, pelicans etc.

There were different types of snakes and reptiles and it was so fascinating. There were Mountain bear, leopard, deer, zebra, peacock, hippos etc. I wasn’t able to take much snaps from zoo as my phone battery got dead. After the long walk through the zoological garden, I was very tired and hungry. As the sky was getting darker, I had a cup of coffee and left the zoo. I was in search for a place to stay for the night.

I took a rickshaw to Statue Junction in Trivandrum to take a lodge for the night. I wandered for an hour, inquiring about the lodge. Finally I was in front of an old lodge after the long walk through the busy roads. I took the room for 300 rupees. I got fresh and went out to have dinner. I had a ghee roast dosa and a cup of coffee.


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